Agent 7 Escape


The story reveals, when one of the most famous intelligence Agency sent her Ex-Agent on a mission. The name of this agent is Agent 7 he was the most intelligent Agent of his times. The country once again need his services, his objective was to steal the secret documents from another country and to escape from there safely. He has done his mission but he get in trouble when police encounter him and tried to arrest him at crime scene and not to let him to escape. He is on the move and trying to escape from the security agencies/police, your job is to help Agent 7 to escape from that country safely.

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The game has thrilling, beautiful and challenging 3d environment. Play carefully and strategically to cross the hurdles to escape the agent 7 otherwise police is close behind they will catch you.

Some feature:
Easy to play with one hand
Thrilling, beautiful and challenging 3d environment
Collect diamonds and upgrade player and other costumes
Can make records on high score
Beautiful and easy UI
3D strategic ground

7              5

How to Play:
You have to help Agent 7 to escape from police
Tap to jump from hurdles
Slide down to pass the hurdles
Collect diamonds to make records and unlock other costumes
Collect magnet to catch the diamonds from distance

Available on google play, Amazon, Opera and Mobango stores for Free


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