Squirrel run-Ultimate runner


Ultimate Squirrel Jungle run is a very addictive fun game with simple 2D game Controls. In the game the squirrel has to run in a jungle to collect coins and make high records. The game is full of challenges where squirrel has to pass the hurdles in the jungle environment while running and jumping over hurdles to finish the level. The game idea is unique and simple. You have to make records and high scores to compete your friends and family.


Game Play
The game starts, with Squirrel running in the jungle environment where he has to collect coins and face hurdles and challenges. Tap one time to jump through short hurdle to collect the coins and tap two time simultaneously on the screen to jump high and pass the long hurdle.

Screenshot_2015-11-19-19-38-18  Screenshot_2015-11-19-19-38-37

Game features
-Smooth and easy 2D game Play
-Beautiful and challenging environment
-Beautiful sound effects
-Can make records and challenge your friend and family
-Nine (9) Challenging levels


Get it from googleplay, amazon and opera store for free


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