Wildman Run-Jungle Tribes


The game is based on a story where one of the Wildman is imprisoned by the another tribes and he has to be punish and torture, fortunately he get unlock the door of the room and run towards the jungle. But the tribes get alert and trying to catch the Wildman by creating the hurdles in his way towards jungle. The Wildman is to face those hurdles on his way and to fight against the tribesmen who are trying to catch.


Wildman Run! Is a frantically paced run-and-jump platformer – slide, climb, string, jump and crawl your way to safety as you are pursued to escape? Dash through ancient tribe’s villages, along nighttime jungle trails and dangerous species dodging obstacles as you go – every collision brings you a step closer to your doom… and their meal!

How to Play:
Jump, slide and be precise to perfectly outrun pursuing savages
Hit and run the brutal tribesman to get bonus
Avoid all obstacles which might hit you die
coins you collect to unlock other levels and additional game modes
Get Bonuses by collecting meals and other stuff
Play more and earn more to unlock the other Wildman characters to have more fun


Wildman Run includes:
Real 3D environment with smooth gameplay
Beautiful wild tribes environment with horrible sounds effect that deep drag you to the scene
Different characters, costumes, Achievements and Challenges
Colorful vibrant graphics and smooth animation
Varied locations: jungle, village and other
Simple and fun game mechanics
Hours of addictive gameplay!
Endless play



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