Death Racer-Dead Valley


Death Racer game is full of challenge, thrill, fun and excitement. Who will be the one? Who will do just anything to survive in the valley of death and mass destruction? Take your fortune into your hands and make your legacy in deadly valley.


Choose the fiercest car or vehicle equipped with deadly weapons to fight and protect yourself in a battle against the opponents who are the rulers of the Death Valley. They have a deadly cars/vehicles loaded with heavy guns, destroy them to make way through and survive.


With giant, fast and heavy loaded guns, and realistic 3D environments you will feel the real death race in the deadly valley!


-Real 3D environments
-Choose from murdered out 3D vehicles loaded with heavy guns
-Incredible graphics with real effects
-Beautiful sounds and heavy guns sound to feel you real death war
-Shields, Boost and much more to survive in the deadly valley
-Race, jumps, drifts, battles and explosions!
– Make your way through enemy traffic while shooting them down in beautifully crafted environments!
-Survive from the counter attack of rival enemy
-Race against the opponents

Tilt your device to move the car/vehicle right and left
Press the stand gun button to fire at the rival enemy to make way through and get points
Press RPG button to destroy the rival cars/vehicles.
New environments and awesome features are coming soon. Stay connect


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