Deer Hunting- Outdoor Sports

Deer Hunting

Be Crazy enough for outdoor recreation


We offer the most addictive hunting game to the deer hunting lover’s for outdoor recreation. The game is developed for those who loves outdoor activities. Enjoy the deer hunting outdoor sport to have fun and excitement in the real 3D environment to feel in the real outdoor world


The amazing and beautiful 3D environment will drag you to the real hunting passion.


Make high score by shooting all deer’s in the waves. You have a sniper in your hands so be perfect in your skills to point and shot down the deer by shooting perfectly on head.


Shot the deer’s in the real beautiful snowfall valley in the wave game-play mode. Be sharp to hit the deer at perfect point and don’t miss the shot otherwise you will failed to manage. The game is full of challenge and excitement.5

enjoy the beautiful amazing real 3D snowfall valley environment to enjoy deer hunting.

Challenge yourself against the time in the multiple waves

Shot the deer right in head to save the time and move for next otherwise the deer’s will alert and will run away4

Enjoy the beautiful attractive environment with realist action cam.

Game controls are specially implemented with the help of real deer hunters to make the game more meaningful and challenging.

Make high score and records to unlock the other powerful hunting guns and other environments

Enjoy the awesome graphics and beautiful sound effects to feel like in real hunting outdoor life.


The game is based on the unique hunting idea where you have many deer’s in the multiple waves. Your job is to clear and shot all the deer’s in the waves. Shot the deer in the head to save time. Use the sniper scope to zoom to shot perfectly.


Death Racer-Dead Valley


Death Racer game is full of challenge, thrill, fun and excitement. Who will be the one? Who will do just anything to survive in the valley of death and mass destruction? Take your fortune into your hands and make your legacy in deadly valley.


Choose the fiercest car or vehicle equipped with deadly weapons to fight and protect yourself in a battle against the opponents who are the rulers of the Death Valley. They have a deadly cars/vehicles loaded with heavy guns, destroy them to make way through and survive.


With giant, fast and heavy loaded guns, and realistic 3D environments you will feel the real death race in the deadly valley!


-Real 3D environments
-Choose from murdered out 3D vehicles loaded with heavy guns
-Incredible graphics with real effects
-Beautiful sounds and heavy guns sound to feel you real death war
-Shields, Boost and much more to survive in the deadly valley
-Race, jumps, drifts, battles and explosions!
– Make your way through enemy traffic while shooting them down in beautifully crafted environments!
-Survive from the counter attack of rival enemy
-Race against the opponents

Tilt your device to move the car/vehicle right and left
Press the stand gun button to fire at the rival enemy to make way through and get points
Press RPG button to destroy the rival cars/vehicles.
New environments and awesome features are coming soon. Stay connect


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Fast Car Racer-Jumping


Fast car racer is the perfect game to master your skills through jumping, drifting and flying on highway!! Drive your fast car on highway in a destroyed city. Collect stars to earned money and unlock the other fast and improved cars.

Fly & roll your car over the flyers to have the real experience of jumping and driving. Feel the real car race in real 3D environment.

Pass the broken bridges and destroyed roads through jumping and rolling.
-Become a real car racer-

-Unlock new and more powerful car by collecting stars and earn money

-Unlock new and more stunning environments

-Fly, jump and roll through the flyers and collect stars to earn money
-Press the Nitro button to drive more fast and pass the hurdle through flyer
-Reach the finish line in a limited time
– HD 3D graphics and
– Smooth and realistic game-play and car controls
– Different powerful cars
– Detailed Stunning 3D environments City, Desert, Snowy, Rainy, Nigh
– Select Tilt or manual mode

Fast Car Racer is Supported on tablets of all makes and sizes

– Tilt or tap to steer
– Press Boost button to accelerate
– Press brake button to slow down and get reverse

– The faster you drive the sooner you reach to finish line
– Collect stars to earn money and unlock the new car and environments
– It’s your passion to fast car
Note: New stunning environment and game mode are coming soon keep connect

9 Ball Pool Pro-Snooker


The world most famous and widely played game 9 ball pool is now you can play on your android device

Improve your snooker skill by play 9 ball pool game everywhere…

The game is typically design for snooker players and lovers to practice. Snooker sport is widely played in around the globe, the 9 ball pool is one of the kind of snooker which allow players to prepare for the big game and become champion.

The world most famous and widely played game 9 ball pool is now you can play on your android device
Improve your snooker skill by play 9 ball pool game everywhere…

The game is typically design for snooker players and lovers to practice. Snooker sport is widely played in around the globe, the 9 ball pool is one of the kind of snooker which allow players to prepare for the big game and become champion.

Here is the best 9 ball pool game specially developed for snooker players to help them master their skills with 9 ball pool. It encourage all ages and levels to download the 9 ball pool and strive to maintain a good playing skills.

Master your skills in practice realm by playing 1 on 1 matches in a limited time. You will have limited time frame in which you have to complete the game otherwise you will lose the game.

Compete with your friends and family with two player mode to challenge and beat them. This mode of 9 ball is specially included to have you more fun and feeling of realistic 9 ball snooker.

Game Features:
Smooth game play
3D game play mode
Equipped with Real snooker instruments
Stunning environment (Cue club)
Beautiful and attractive background sounds and music


Wildman Run-Jungle Tribes


The game is based on a story where one of the Wildman is imprisoned by the another tribes and he has to be punish and torture, fortunately he get unlock the door of the room and run towards the jungle. But the tribes get alert and trying to catch the Wildman by creating the hurdles in his way towards jungle. The Wildman is to face those hurdles on his way and to fight against the tribesmen who are trying to catch.


Wildman Run! Is a frantically paced run-and-jump platformer – slide, climb, string, jump and crawl your way to safety as you are pursued to escape? Dash through ancient tribe’s villages, along nighttime jungle trails and dangerous species dodging obstacles as you go – every collision brings you a step closer to your doom… and their meal!

How to Play:
Jump, slide and be precise to perfectly outrun pursuing savages
Hit and run the brutal tribesman to get bonus
Avoid all obstacles which might hit you die
coins you collect to unlock other levels and additional game modes
Get Bonuses by collecting meals and other stuff
Play more and earn more to unlock the other Wildman characters to have more fun


Wildman Run includes:
Real 3D environment with smooth gameplay
Beautiful wild tribes environment with horrible sounds effect that deep drag you to the scene
Different characters, costumes, Achievements and Challenges
Colorful vibrant graphics and smooth animation
Varied locations: jungle, village and other
Simple and fun game mechanics
Hours of addictive gameplay!
Endless play


Duck Hunting 3D – Season 1


The duck season is on and the fever of hunting is high, lets grab your gun and start hunting ducks in real 3D environment. Duck hunting is very exciting and challenging game. Ducks are flying on the sky so you need to point and shot the ducks. Shoot ducks as much you can with 3D Gun in a beautiful environment, mix up of beautiful jungle birds and duck sounds. Feel like in realistic duck hunting environment. If you are a duck hunter and can accept the challenge, then here is the perfect situation for you.

0  1

Enjoy the beautiful and challenging real 3D duck season. Hit the ducks and get high score to make records to unlock the automatic gun and other environments. Challenge your friends and family by making high scores.

2  3

You have randomly ducks coming across the river your job is to point on the duck and shot. Don’t miss the shot otherwise the ducks will alert and will disappeared in the sky.

4  5

Game features
Real 3D game play
First person shooting game
3D graphics and sound effects
Beautiful and challenging environment with mix up of jungle birds sound effects
Real time Duck hunting with animations
Multiple waves

Other environments and features will be released soon


Squirrel run-Ultimate runner


Ultimate Squirrel Jungle run is a very addictive fun game with simple 2D game Controls. In the game the squirrel has to run in a jungle to collect coins and make high records. The game is full of challenges where squirrel has to pass the hurdles in the jungle environment while running and jumping over hurdles to finish the level. The game idea is unique and simple. You have to make records and high scores to compete your friends and family.


Game Play
The game starts, with Squirrel running in the jungle environment where he has to collect coins and face hurdles and challenges. Tap one time to jump through short hurdle to collect the coins and tap two time simultaneously on the screen to jump high and pass the long hurdle.

Screenshot_2015-11-19-19-38-18  Screenshot_2015-11-19-19-38-37

Game features
-Smooth and easy 2D game Play
-Beautiful and challenging environment
-Beautiful sound effects
-Can make records and challenge your friend and family
-Nine (9) Challenging levels


Get it from googleplay, amazon and opera store for free