Ninja Titan-Ninja Shadow Fight


The best and most addictive game you ever play! The game is full of challenge, excitement and thrill in the dark shadow of the jungle. It’s fun game for all ages. Especially your kids will love it.


The game is based on the true inspiring ninja story, when two street kids a girl and a boy inspired by the ninja stories and they start acting like the way the ninja’s did but the bad guys had eyes on them and they are also planning to teach them a lesson. They bought their costumes as like ninja’s and start work against the bad guys in the city near the jungle but before they reached to their homes the bad guys chasing the girl, when the girl look back and saw the bad guys she run away towards the jungle and so the bad guys run behind to catch the girl, after some moments the boy get the information and he also run to the jungle to save his partner. He has to avoid the hurdles and get the safe move by fighting with red ninja’s attacks and other species.

3    1

Game play!

The ninja is on his way to the jungle but the jungle is dark and full of dangerous species and enemies. Make high scores by covering more distance. Jump left and right by taping on the screen to avoid the hurdles. Hit the squirrel to get bonus points and boost. Avoid the bee creature and hit with your sword to get bonus points and shield. Avoid the red ninja’s attacks and make your way toward the destiny.

2    5


Game features:

-Smooth and easy 2D game play

-Play with one hand

-Beautiful and challenging environment

-Make high score and records

-Use leaderboard to save your records and compete with family and friends

-Beautiful background music


Agent 7 Escape


The story reveals, when one of the most famous intelligence Agency sent her Ex-Agent on a mission. The name of this agent is Agent 7 he was the most intelligent Agent of his times. The country once again need his services, his objective was to steal the secret documents from another country and to escape from there safely. He has done his mission but he get in trouble when police encounter him and tried to arrest him at crime scene and not to let him to escape. He is on the move and trying to escape from the security agencies/police, your job is to help Agent 7 to escape from that country safely.

1 6

The game has thrilling, beautiful and challenging 3d environment. Play carefully and strategically to cross the hurdles to escape the agent 7 otherwise police is close behind they will catch you.

Some feature:
Easy to play with one hand
Thrilling, beautiful and challenging 3d environment
Collect diamonds and upgrade player and other costumes
Can make records on high score
Beautiful and easy UI
3D strategic ground

7              5

How to Play:
You have to help Agent 7 to escape from police
Tap to jump from hurdles
Slide down to pass the hurdles
Collect diamonds to make records and unlock other costumes
Collect magnet to catch the diamonds from distance

Available on google play, Amazon, Opera and Mobango stores for Free

Froggy Ball Blast


Enjoy the fantastic and amazing bubble blast game with ancient environment and smooth game play.

froggy balls_1024

Screen Shots

1  2  3

Some features:
Smooth game play
30 amazing and challenging levels
Three different ancient high definition environments
Beautiful attractive sounds.
360 degree movement of frog launcher.

4     5     6

The chains of colored bubbles make their way to the golden skull, counter them from reaching the end point by moving the frog launcher in 360 degrees.Destroy or blast the chain of balls before it reaches the golden skull by matching of three or more colored balls with your frog launcher. Aim and hit matching color ball on the target color balls to get high score and make records. Compete with your friends and family by making high records.

How to play:
Match the three or more same color balls with smooth moving frog launcher and counter them from reaching before the temple skull. Use the black ball to destroy more balls to get bonus score. Unlock the other challenging environments by completing the 10 levels of the each environment.

Available for free on Googleplay, Amazon, Opera and Mobango Stores

Ultimate Highway Rider


Improve your bike riding skills with Bike rider 3D game. The game is full of excitement and 3D environments. It has an endless game-play in which you have to collect coins and cross through heavy traffic on road.

Bike Rider_1024

The game is full of fun with beautiful music. Get high scores to compete with your family and friends or beat your own records every day. Collect more coins to unlock more powerful bikes and beautiful environments.

7  5  4

Some features:
Smooth game-play
Unlock more bikes
Unlock more environments
Collect coins and get high scores
Collect Magnet to collect coins from distance
Collect Nitro to boost your speed

Bubble Crush Fun-Bubble Shooter


Lets have a fun!

Bubble Crush fun_1024

Its turn for kids and all other ages to have a fun with bubble crush.

screen0          screen1

Make record by-self, or compete with friends or family members.The game scene simulation in the woods, and a butterfly ladybug is a character in the game.

screen2          screen3

The game have beautiful and colorful balls to hit. The game environment is beautiful and comfortable for children and others to develop their skills, stimulate their brain and to practice meditation, for the wisdom and fun.

screen4          screen5

How to play:

1. Tap on the screen to shoot the bubble in that direction.
2. Make formations of 3 or more bubbles to knock them down.
3. Get extra points by hitting the ladybug

-Easy to play
-2D game play
-Beautiful and colorful environment with attracting sounds

Sniper Shooter-Ultimate Shooter


The whole city is on fire, you have a mission to clear the city with deadly gun (Sniper) , be sharp and quick to hit the terrorist and be careful not to alert them as they will counter attack you.


Kill all the terrorist around different locations before they spot you.

Death is in the air! Are you ready to take your kill shot?

sn2          sn4

Shoot To Kill
Shoot down terrorist in different locations

Clear the Waves
Complete the mission in a limited time by saving the city from dangerous terrorist

Upgrade Weapons
Choose the modern weapon from the large inventory to trigger down the criminals in the game.

Snipe through the Scope
Be the most accurate hitman to trigger down the creepy criminals throughout the game play.

Action Packed Game
Experience the most amazing action in this killer game and witness the thrill in 3D game mode.

sn3          ss_4

Shoot To Earn
In this action packed shooting game, you will earn more by killing more terrorist. So just aim at terrorist and keep shooting. Upgrade the modern guns to perform better and for more ACTION.

Realistic 3D Graphics
Incredible 3D graphics put you right in the real city environment!


* UPGRADE different weapons
* 3D Environment and Great HD Graphics
* Simple Game Play
* Experience the Sniper Shooting

Game Features:-

→ FREE Game
→ Extreme Weapons to choose
→ Competitive Levels
→ Excellent HD Graphics and Sound
→ Dynamic Effects and Animations
→ RATE & SHARE the game
→ Real 3D Urban environments, with multiple camera views.
→ Get High scores
→ Compatible with all Mobiles.

How to Play:-

– Easy Touch, Drag and Tap Game play
– Aim your target and get hit